The Motivity Group, Inc. and Zolicity, LLC collaborate to expand services

The Motivity Group and Zolicity Strategic Partnership

Based in Chicago, Illinois, The Motivity Group is a leading firm that focuses on change management consulting, learning and development, and human capital strategies on a nationwide basis.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Zolicity is a service-oriented change management consulting firm that is uniquely positioned to provide change initiatives and business process improvement across the western United States.

Through the strategic partnership, The Motivity Group and Zolicity will provide best-in-class change management consulting services supported by leading methodologies and industry best practices. Driven by a desire to provide high-quality consulting at a lower price, the combination allows The Motivity Group and Zolicity to place highly experienced consultants directly at client sites without incurring significant overhead or travel expenses. A customer-focused approach, the Motivity-Zolicity combination expands the geographic reach of the organization and enhances the combined service offerings, particularly in the areas of training & communications, which are often dictated by time zone requirements.

“When deciding upon the best fit for us as a strategic partner what stood out about The Motivity Group was their talented team of consultants, their proven reputation, and like us, their commitment to providing excellent customer service,” said Evan Dzierzynski, Principal at Zolicity.  “We’re excited about this partnership since it allows us to strategically align resources to enhance scale and provides flexibility to our customers.”

“At the end of the day, this combination is being driven by a desire to provide enhanced customer service at a lower cost,” says James Goody, Managing Partner at The Motivity Group. “Our consultants are among the best in the industry but what sets us apart is our business model. We’ve intentionally removed overhead from our business so that we can deliver an extremely competitive price to our clients. If you’re a company that’s in need of change management services, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to have a conversation with us. What we’re doing in change management is revolutionary.”

The Motivity Group has grown each year since its inception and was recently ranked by Airiodon as one of the Top 10 Best Change Management Firms for consultants.  The Motivity Group and Zolicity partnership is scheduled to go live in August 2021.

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