How To Select a Business Process Improvement Project: A Guide

How To Select a Business Process Improvement Project: A Guide

A successful business requires a continuous commitment to business process improvement. The moment improving business stops, growth stagnates and the organization is more likely to fall behind the competition.

One of the challenges is that not all improvement projects deliver results. Some will become a drain on resources and a time-sink that does not end up adding value.  Therefore, selecting the right business process improvement projects is critical for optimizing performance and improving quality.

What is a Business Improvement Process?
A business improvement process is a systematic approach to identifying the aspects that need improvement. The process involves identifying the problem areas. This followed by developing a detailed plan to address them.

Business improvement processes are an excellent way to keep operations on track and focused. The process identifies areas of opportunity in a business that can be optimized for increased productivity and cost savings.

Essential Steps in Selecting a Business Improvement Project
Picking the right business process improvement project can be a daunting task particularly when there are layers of inefficiencies and many moving parts within an organization.  Selecting an ideal project is one that prioritizes increasing efficiency throughout the organization as a whole.

Below are six important steps in selecting a business improvement process:

Get Involvement From Senior Management
Senior management engagement helps formulate the goal of the process, so it is important to get their guidance and as well as buy-in for large-scale changes.  Engaging with them early on can get the ball moving faster and reduce delays.

Identifying the Problem Areas
Identify the gaps in processes and inefficiencies that may be causing bottlenecks.

When it comes to business improvement,  look for the easy wins first, particularly when dialing in on a single process will achieve a significant productivity improvement or cost savings for the organization.

Selecting the Appropriate Improvement Process
Once you have defined the problem, set your specific goals for resolving the issue.  Research the various business improvement projects with the potential to offer valuable solutions.

You can research online or work with a consultant.  Researching options help gather information about the different models available, however, determining the best improvement process is not always straightforward.  It is ideal to find a project compatible with your operations and business model; evaluating previous projects and their success rates can also be useful.

At Zolicity, we specialize in business process improvement consulting. We help businesses thrive in a time of change by working with teams to identify opportunities for improvement.

Defining the Improvement Process
Create a clear picture of the goals and put into place steps on how to get there that can be easily tracked with project timelines and accountabilities.  Where applicable, a good starting point can be examining previous projects to identify what went well and what could have been given greater attention.  Before implementation, having a communication plan in place to address the changes can reduce the impact of resistance and frustration from employees.

Implementing the Improvement Process
Implementation may require training, acquiring new equipment or technologies. Educating a workforce on new operations can be time-consuming and costly in resources, but is necessary when the changes require new skills and implementing new methods.

After process modeling and communication, it is time to put things into action.  If there is a need for adjustments, be flexible to change. The goal is to achieve set improvements and influence business growth.

Improvement Project Evaluation
Track the progress of the existing business processes and compare the output of each step with expected results.

Monitoring and evaluation identify potential shortcomings of the project and also offer the opportunity to receive feedback. You will know which components work and which don’t and why.

Why Business Process Improvement is Necessary
With the right business process improvement, the business stands an opportunity for growth. The projects will streamline business processes, reduce redundancies and waste.

Business process improvement examines and breaks down business resources and operations and focuses on fine-tuning business operations to ensure they are functional and more productive. The goal is to find ways that improve business efficiency.

To remain relevant and competitive, business process improvement projects are necessary, which requires a proactive mindset and the capacity to evolve while handling internal and external pressures.

Although business improvement projects add value, they require in-depth assessments to determine which projects and implementation strategies will be most likely to succeed.

Invest in a Business Improvement Project Today
Companies have the best intentions for their business. However, it takes more than an intention to grow business. To achieve set goals, constant improvement of business processes is a must.

Given the need to analyze current business processes and research suitable projects, selecting the right project and the best strategy can be overwhelming.

Zolicity can effectively design and help the implementation of effective business process improvement. We endeavor to develop improvement projects that deliver long-term value to your business.

Contact us today for business process improvement services and change management consulting.

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