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Zolicity is an organizational change management consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses thrive in times of change. Effective change is what makes businesses more competitive and profitable, and we are committed to guiding your employees and organizations through any challenge to deliver measurable, lasting results.

Why invest in
Organizational Change Management?

The likelihood of goals being met are significantly increased when an excellent organization change management plan is implemented. Investing in change is the roadmap to get your organization to a desirable future state. Our experienced consultants bring new perspectives and insight and work with you to build the teams, roles, and processes that will drive your organization to successful adoption of new initiatives and project success.

What We Can Do For You

Implementing New Technology
Leadership Development
Business Process Improvement
Learning and Development
What Are Your Challenges?

We Can Help

At Zolicity we go the extra mile to make sure the scope of our clients’ needs is fully understood and place the best professionals in the right roles to support your business.  Our commitment is to the successful implementation and execution of your change initiatives.

Not knowing where to start:

Attempting to navigate complex challenges that are outside of your organization’s usual operations can lead to analysis-paralysis or making the wrong decisions which can compromise change initiatives.

Spinning your tires:

Getting things in motion sometimes seems the best way forward, but with the dynamics of organizational changes within multiple departments, balancing projects, and ongoing timelines, taking the plunge forward can be more costly in time and resources than investing in change management.

Resistance and barriers to change:

The capacity for people to embrace change can be diminished if individuals misunderstand or do not know the “why” of change initiatives. This uncertainty can build up as resistance that can impede progress and change adoption.

Communication and Implementation:

Perhaps you have direction for your change initiatives but lack an effective means of communicating and implementing it in all levels of your organization.

Ineffective/Inefficient Training:

Inefficient or outdated training can lead to employees being less engaged and effective at doing their jobs which can. Implementing improved learning and development systems can help equip your employees with the skills they need to be successful and improve productivity.

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